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Why Depression & Hearing Loss Can Be Closely Linked

It is probably no surprise that depression and hearing loss are often linked as depression can be an unfortunate by-product of being unable to hear. When you suffer from hearing loss you can lose the ability to communicate with other people and so can become isolated. And the feeling of isolation can lead to becoming more withdrawn and introverted which in turn can lead to depression.

Why Your Hearing Is So Important To Your Overall Health

Because most of us have exceptional hearing when we are young we kind of take it for granted and so don`t take a great deal of notice once our hearing begins to deteriorate for whatever reason. But we should because good hearing is essential, it helps to keep us connected with the outside world and other people and helps us to live our lives without any limitations. It also helps to keep us safe as it helps us to be aware of our outside environment.

Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Cognitive Skills & Memory If You Don`t Act

Welcome to our first blog post of 2018 here at Lisburn Hearing, we hope the New Year is treating you well so far. Today we thought we would share with you some information on the effect hearing loss can have on your cognitive skills and your memory if left to go unchecked.

Merry Christmas To You All From Lisburn Hearing Centre

Hello and welcome to our last blog post of 2017! This is just a short and sweet blog post before we take our Christmas break. First and foremost we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! If you are one of our customers, or if you just read our blogs and keep in touch with us on Social Media, we would like to thank you for supporting us over the past 12 months.

10 Good Reasons To Use Lisburn Hearing Centre

Today in our blog we are giving you 10 good reasons why you should use our services here at Lisburn Hearing Centre. We are a long, well established business here in Lisburn who have been helping people with hearing problems for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Smart Glasses Come To Theatres For The Hard Of Hearing

In a welcome move the National Theatre in London is trialling out `Smart Glasses`. These glasses will enable the hard of hearing to read captions for the performances they are watching which is a very clever and innovative move.

In fact theatre goers who are experiencing hearing loss may find things a whole lot easier at certain theatres in London over the next few weeks and months as the charity Stagetext has been awarded funding by the City of London Corporation in a bid to make the theatre and arts more accessible to everyone, including the hard of hearing.

Changing Attitudes Still Required From Many People Regarding Hearing Issues

As we previously mentioned in one of our blogs there needs to be a serious change in the attitude of many people so that they take on board their hearing loss issues and get help as soon as they possibly can.

Hearing Loss Can Be A Factor Leading To Dementia Finds Study

A recent international study which has been published in the Lancet has found that there are 9 key risk factors which can lead to the onset of dementia and hearing loss is one of those factors. This shows how important regular hearing checks are once we move into middle age and older.

Putting Your Mind At Rest On Hearing Aids

Hello and welcome to our blog here at the Lisburn Hearing Centre, based in Lisburn (yes I know the clue is in the title!) in Northern Ireland. Today we want to reach out to people who are hesitating about coming to have their hearing tested in order to see if they need a hearing aid, as this is still a quite common occurrence.

Large Proportion Of Workers Hide Their Hearing Loss At Work

Hello and welcome to our blog here at the Lisburn Hearing Centre, the number 1 hearing centre in Northern Ireland. Today we are looking at new research which has shown that huge swathes of the working population are hiding their poor hearing from the rest of the workforce rather than admit they have a problem.

Widex Hearing Aids Are Excellent Quality Products

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Lisburn Hearing Centre in Northern Ireland. Today we would like to share with you some information from the Widex blog. On their blog they give us `10 Facts About Widex UNIQUE Hearing Aids`. On the blog they mention that as well as their hearing aids giving people exceptional sound quality on top of ease of use, with a great looking design, there are many other facts to consider. There is no doubt that the Widex hearing aids are one of, if not the, finest hearing aids in the world.

Widex Hearing Aids & Their Benefits

We are very pleased that we now supply the innovative hearing aids that are Widex, they really are a great development in hearing aid technology which can be of huge benefit to people suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus. Here are some of the benefits of using Widex hearing products.

People Who Suffer From Hearing Loss Are 4 Times More Likely To Be Out Of Work

The charity Action on Hearing Loss have stated that people with hearing loss are finding it extremely difficult to find work, and they claim that you are 4 times more likely to be unemployed if you do suffer from hearing loss. And in most cases they are struggling to even get an interview never mind get a job, so things can be pretty tough out there for people who suffer this disability.

5 Tips For Helping Your Children Hear Better

Hello and today we are sharing with you an article on how you can help your children to hear better, for even if they wear hearing aids they may struggle to hear if there is too much difference between the speaker and them, or there is too much background noise for instance. The article includes 5 tips which are below:

Why Children With Autism Could Benefit From Hearing Aids

There has been some recent research which suggests that children with autism may well benefit from wearing a hearing aid, as they could have an inner ear deficiency which gives them problems in being able to recognize speech. It is claimed that if the deficiency can be identified early on then the child can be treated with hearing aids and other hearing technology so they will see an improvement in the range of sounds they can identify and hear correctly.

6 Tips To Protect Yourself From Hearing Loss

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Lisburn Hearing Centre. Today we have some very good tips for you on how to protect yourself from hearing loss, as published by Phonak.

The Importance Of Hearing Tests For Dementia Patients

As people get older there is of course the greater chance of them getting dementia, a condition which is becoming increasingly common both here in the UK and across the world. But dementia can be further complicated if they are also experiencing hearing loss, as they will feel even more isolated and unable to get people to understand them. And of course there are instances where people think a close relative is in the early stages of dementia when in fact the problem is their hearing rather than anything else.

Ways To Reduce Tinnitus Discomfort

Today in our blog post we are looking at the misery that tinnitus can bring to people, and methods you can use to ease the discomfort. There is a good article on the Age UK website which gives details of number of strategies you can try to help with the condition, and these include mobile phone apps, your diet, yoga, breathing exercises and counselling.

Latest Technologies For Hard Of Hearing Being Showcased

Plymouth Guilds Hearing and Sight Centre is hosting an event this coming Thursday, October 27th, where leading technologies in the sphere of hearing assistance from across the world will showcase their latest products. There will be an interactive display which will look at how people can manage their hearing loss and make the best of what hearing they do have.

New Ads On Channel 4 An Important Step Forward In Deaf Awareness

A couple of weeks ago Channel 4 started to show what was known as an `accessible ad break` where each ad was fully signed by deaf actor and artist David Ellington, and an audio described version of the ad is available on the `Watch Live` section of All 4. David Ellington changed costumes during the ads and also interacted with the main ads to keep things interesting and entertaining to all.

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